I´m a poetry writing designer whose longing for beauty combined with a compulsive craving for collecting discarded and worthless objects creates one of a kind handmade pieces. You could say I´m a hunter gatherer at heart.

The feeling you get from creating is extremely addictive. That´s the main reason why I´m so passionate and perhaps a bit obsessive about my works wheter it´s jewellery, clothing, illustrating or writing. I like to think handmade products have a piece of the creator´s spirit in them and this is how interaction between human and material is born.

Piia Myller Design is a result of ultimate seduction where designer lets herself be seduced by material and translates her thoughts, needs and obsessions into various creations.




Stone Washed Venus is a playful clothing and jewellery collection with a hint of arragance and lot of detailing. It is a combination of roughness and classic beaty, simplicity and excessiveness, old and new, matt and shine. The collection represents a strong and beauty loving modern day Venus who longs for attention and feels confident in her own skin. All the jewellery is made from secondhand material.
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Skin of the Night is a clothing and jewellery collection for intriguing women who have a quiet confidence in them. These women enjoy being looked at. They don´t reveal everything at once but like to keep something a secret. The colours and small details tell a story about the diversity of night time; there are gloomy shades with bright splashes of colour. Skin of the Night is a collection for mystical creatures of the night. All the jewellery is made from secondhand material.
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I´m a designer who in addition to clothes focuses on jewellery. I believe they aren´t mere symbols of status but extentions of the soul. I create most of my jewellery from discarded or otherwise useless objects and materials by using different handicraft techniques. I enjoy working with thrown-away material because it has a past and it yearns for rescue. It needs a new beginning and I have the will and ability to make that happen. In addition to that I found myself in love with bronze. It´s a gorgeous material that gives you an opportunity to create detailed pieces